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Columbia State Historic Park
Columbia, CA
Columbia was once known as the "Gem of the Southern Mines." The town's Gold Rush-era business district was designated as a State Park by Governor Earl Warren in July 1945. Today we can take a step bac
Finger Lakes State Park
Columbia, MO
The roar of ATVs and off-road motorcycles combines with the peacefulness of rolling hills at Finger Lakes State Park, one of two ATV parks in the state parks system. Built in a former coal mining area
Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site
Columbia, MO
The hustle and bustle of nearby Providence Road in Columbia belie the peace and serenity of Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site. The shady tree-filled cemetery contains the grave of Missouri's 22nd go
Mono Pond State Park Reserve
Columbia, CT
Mono Pond State Park Reserve is a public recreation area covering 218 acres in the town of Columbia, Connecticut, 8 miles southwest of Willimantic. The state park surrounds Mono Pond, a 113-acre body
Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
Columbia, MO
Just minutes from Columbia, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park gives visitors the chance to scramble, hike and bicycle through a scenic environment – and lets them peek into Missouri’s underworld. The pa
Sesquicentennial State Park
Columbia, SC
Sesquicentennial State Park, affectionately known to locals as "Sesqui," is a spacious, green getaway in the heart of the Sandhills region. Once you're immersed in the 1,400 acres of pines, camping si
Worthington State Forest
Columbia, NJ
Some of the most rugged terrain and splendid views of northern New Jersey are found in Worthington State Forest. A rocky and sometimes steep trail follows Dunnfield Creek from the Delaware River to Mo