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Weott, CA

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Humboldt Redwoods State Park Description

The park has international reknown and is classified as both a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. The coast redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) exist in a narrow band that runs for 500 miles from Monterey to just over the Oregon border. Needing a warm, moist and foggy environment, coast redwoods are confined to the coast and elevations below 3,000 feet. Redwoods are “living fossils” dating back 100 million years to the Cretaceous Period- the time of the dinosaurs. The oldest redwoods range from several hundred to as much as 2,000 years old. Old growth groves are truly monu

: 40.307, -123.904
: 51,651 acres (209.02 km²)
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